Title Companies Cyber Experts

We are consulting and protecting sensitive, confidential business information from unauthorized access ,disclosure ,distribution and destruction .Our mission is to prepare and protect your title company from wire frauds and understand your security risks.


Cyber Incident Response Team

If your organization’s computer network has suffered a security breach, Be Safe’s Incident Response team is ready to assist you. our services include complete technical investigation containment and recovery


Regulation & Standards

ISO 27001 / GDPR / HIPAA Avoid penalties and financial losses due to data breaches Get an independently audited proof that your data is secure Meet the requirements of local and global security laws- GDPR With us as your trusted partner, implementing and executing a winning ISO 27001 strategy is a guaranteed reality


Vulnerabilities Assessments, Penetration Tests

Preventing the organization’s data from being compromised due to weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the IT systems Execution of Penetration Testing penetration testing and training of the organization's employees. OSCP Certified Signature Awareness raising among employees creates huge savings to the company money and time what else we offer real-time reports about the defenses and execution of enterprise penetration testing


Lectures to companies and businesses

Lectures on world cyber attacks worldwide including demos and ways of prevention and protection


Personal support for business and SAAS-managed service

Building a real-time prevention and protection program specifically tailored for all business "Taylor made immediately" Includes application of awareness plan and prevention of PHISHING attacks


CISO as a service

This service is an ideal option when you don’t have the need for a full-time CISO, or when the actual CISO can benefit from additional external assistance. The service is flexible and customization: it can be tailored to your business’ needs!